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Law – setting down the principles of decency

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016

Throughout the history of civilization, people have always been trying to enforce different systems of rules though social institutions in order to maintain peace and order in a community. Leaving discussion about troubles of human nature and real causes of it, it became obvious ages ago that human behavior needs to be governed and controlled.

Following the progress of civilization, the concept of justice and law has been changing constantly. Some aspects took more liberal form, while some of them stayed conservative at the same time. All modern legal systems accent protection of human’s rights, equality among people and protection of all kinds of planetary resources. Generally speaking, all legal systems and their laws tend to set objective standards with a final aim to protect an individual from society and to protect a society from a problematic individual.


Laws usually can be made on a different levels: by legislator, executive, judges or private individuals, depending on the subject of the law. Consequentially, law shapes politics, economics, history, society, even a cultures in numerous ways and it is used to regulate people’s relations. Back in the history, religions played a significant role in legal systems. It’s still a case in some countries, but most communities nowadays tend to clearly separate church and religion from their legal system. Roughly speaking, law can be divided into civil law, common law system and previously mentioned – religious law.Check Criminal attorney long beach page and search for help.

All legal systems have the same elementary problems, but jurisdictions sort and recognize its legal subjects in different manners. Therefore, we differentiate international law, constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, contract law, tort law, property law and several more subcategories.

In spite of the fact that the idea of law and justice is probably as old as people’s communities themselves, there is no such a thing as universally acceptable definition of law and justice.

Law school

There is a beautiful Morgan Freeman’s monologue in the movie “The bonfire of the vanities” that sums up the leading idea of law and justice into few sentences, understandable to pretty much anyone. That monologue has been recognized as one of the best modern definition of law and justice at the same time.

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