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The strangest laws all over the world

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016

download1. Massachusetts punishes sexual intercourse when you did not swim before, while the second law prohibits swimming on Sundays.

2. In Saudi Arabia in 1979 was banned to women to swim in hotel pools.

3. In Samoa is a criminal offense if you forget the birthday of your wife.

4. To prison guards in Alabama is forbidden to address to their spouses with ‘the old ball-n-chain.

936cc8bb48099c3fbe94d9bfd9c675275. In London, city taxis is not allowed to carry dogs or corpses.

6. Again in London, it is forbidden to die in the Parliament building.

7. In England you can be criminally prosecuted if you stick a stamp with the figure of the Queen down.

8 California has banned to the bartender to say to a customer: “I’m an actor.”
 Indiana does not allow you to put Ken in Barbie clothes.

10. In Sedona you are in trouble if you lie what your zodiac sign is.

11 In Texas must not threaten a person with a blank gun?

12. In Australia, you cannot name an animal you intend to eat.

13. In Cannes, do not wear a mask with the image of Jerry Lewis.

14. In New Jersey you pay a fine of 300 $ if you answer on the police’s question “Do you know why I pulled you over?” with “If you do not know, I will not tell you!”

15. In York you can kill Scotch but only within the old city limits, and only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.

16. In London you cannot get a taxi if you have the plague.

17. In Kentucky Do not paint your lawn in the red.

18. In Portugal it is forbidden urination into the ocean.

20. In Italy everyone who is considered obese should not wear polyester.


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